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Psych2Go Magazine - Physical Issue 3


The third issue of Psych2Go’s quarterly magazine is based around substance abuse awareness. Featuring topics from animal psychology, to music psychology, to LGBT psychology this magazine has a wide range for you to enjoy. You can see the second picture on this page to see the specific topics, but they include how dopamine affects addition, and microagressions. We also take community submissions in each issue, and the submissions for this issue are on the topic of “Psychology of Harmful Advertising” and “Psychology of Smoking”. There are also lots of fun quizzes and some beautiful artwork within the issue, which is 80 pages long.

This product will be printed when the pre-order is finished, which should be around the 10th December. It will then be shipped out by myself (I live in the UK). If you have any questions about shipping, check our FAQ, and if it is not answered then, feel free to email us at and I will send you a fast response. This lovely magazine is only $10 (excluding shipping) so be sure to grab yourself a copy!

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